UK and others have posted public plans, US administration blows smoke up your asses

 This is a side article for a larger one which I wrote which speaks about the dismal state of public health in the US and how something with widespread potential such as this will one day kill millions here because people have allowed the government to slash and burn public health care and ANY health services for the poor to the ground...

maybe not now (but it might) but sooner than later, something like this will bite you in the ass so hard you'll only have to blame yourselves for refusing to see it coming when it was shining a light in your face and blowing a massive horn while it roared down on you....

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The UK "Plan" for handling Corona. Meanwhile here in the states they haven't even got tests to the hospitals much less private care doctors.

Before anyone sez it's just a thing, another hysteria blown out by the internet this happens all the time, warm weather is gonna kill it it'll "magically disappear" (what kinda dolt says stupid shit like that?); this type of disease as an unknown variant which MUTATES, is anything but "kinda like a bad flu" happens all the time thing.

More than likely for months now here, and with some of you I've read posts on here, and being sick myself, this type of variant is distinctive and has already put some of you in the hospital PLUS many more people I talked to have been sick as hell with pneumonia and bad flu-type illness including a number of people I know who've been sick with terrible respiratory illnesses IN THE HOSPITAL but not the "flu", because they were checked. I've known three people died in the last TWO WEEKS with bad "flu's" or something....this shit has already killed people.

It's probably more or less massively widespread but they've only been testing for it sporadically very recently. It will rage for a while now and the many who will get sick over the next two months here will never know because our fucked up system here and conman government will not even know who the fuck has it...

At least the UK has a published plan..

here in the USA, we've got stupid idiots arguing about who's gonna pay for vaccines and testing, that it's a hoax, that it just a few hundred people, in China it's ending (yes believe their government, for sure) so it will here too in a few weeks....blah, blah,blah....

When it starts killin your folk ya'll will get your head out your GD ass. Demand better public health by your government here, the whole time all this good timin' has been going on (years now it's all we've heard) the gangsters runnin' this joint have done nothing but tear down public health. This is a wake up call.



Zine Passkey's 3/3/2020

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