Too many need a lesson on government forms, civics, and literal definitive as basis of reality. I’ve seen hard head-strong mentality confusing socialism and communism from people who should know better for a very long time now.

I would suggest learning the difference between the governments of Norway and Sweden vs the Soviet Union and Venezuela when trying to ascertain specifics. As well as trying to square up common and extended literal, as in dictionary and encyclopedia style definitions of socialism.

You'll find many of your major administration and constitutional styles of oversight and rule are no doubt socialistic in nature.

Stupidity and ignorance of socialism and communism vs reality of political affirmations and community and national contexts, creates a place where public states and extension of true democracy cannot flourish. perhaps not even be considered or implemented.

That's a bad thing. Your choices and freedoms are then lessened or completely negated.

This doesn't work for free people.

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