The sound of Metallica's Black album

From the ZUCK:
Diamond Tetrarch Rowe
23 mins ·
Jesus - Metallica’s Black Album production STILL sounds better than most other albums today. Such a timeless record and that production is nuts!
Todd West
Todd West Can't remember but seems they cut the album analog and mastered it digital (sounds like a Studer 800 origination to me, that tape machine has distinctive bottom end and low mids).....all I know is that great sound was no where to be found on Rock's next Metallica production, St. Anger, which is one of their WORST sounding albums. Music cut physically (analog) has expressive tones digital reproductions of sound cannot produce either accurately nor correctly, for more than one reason but mostly because when you cut something converted (non-physical) you lose a ton of real, not reproduced, data, such as nuances on strike, breath, and timbre. Digital mastering doesn't mess that up as bad (and can add alot in some ways if you got someone who knows what they are doing), long as you start with a real physical recording, not an immediate recreation/reproduction caused by conversion. So I betcha the Black Album was cut physically (analog).

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