GAM UNIT 1 feed tests

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http://www.liveme.com/user/index.html?s=1018068225960845312&source=native - UNit 1 Feed

http://rockfest.org/ - Unit 4 Feed

Government Activity Monitor Feed https://www.periscope.tv


CALL IN LIVE (404) 954-2708


All World Council delegations have voted in 2018 Council so far unanimously to increase the Government Activity Monitor process in each Nation State observation with seven delegations still to vote.

Each GAM unit broadcasts live as part of observance. Since the US Delegation vote earlier in 2018, varied numbers of platforms have been tested. The feed may come down to being carried on one instance or multiple. Testing completes final day of August. A public platform for GAM feeds worldwide will be available in 2019.

Observation units function as Public Voice for World Council members and are deployed when secrecy as been enacted by a Nation State under stability guise to further Dark Sentences by Courts Of Secret Endeavor ( see Handbook Of Angelic Warfare, Articles Of War chapters, Court Of Angelic Order Processes ).

For more information on the Government Activity Monitor, see http://www,angelfire.com/ca/wtw/book1.html

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