Targeted Individuals? How about Ignorant Individuals, by choice....

I'll let my answers stand on their own.  What would happen if someone could not only tell you but show you and take you to the people who use electromagnetic weaponry on people.  Would you hang those people they showed you and proved to you used such horrible weapons?  Would you?

A buncha cowards wouldn't.


Targeted Individuals - The World Hum Map and Database Project (Dr. Glen MacPherson)

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Published on Jun 6, 2018
My response to the claims of so-called Targeted Individuals

Cuba, China Diplomats, those are the results of the use of electromagnetic weapons. Your government, which yeah Doc, hate it for ya, but they use that crap on people too, has a symbolic "task Force" led by CIA Director Pompeno "looking into" WTF happened. Anyone who has had electromagnetic weapons used on them do not need a task force or Doc McPHerson's shred of evidence, or lack of, to know what they do and how they feel. I cannot speak for any "targeted individuals" or anyone but myself. Shred of evidence are those people who worked for your government and can tell you about those types of weapons, all this conspiracy nonsense about targeted individuals and schizophrenics needs to be left out of the conversation. Electromagnetic weapons are real and there are real world results. Go there and get you some evidence man. Don't discredit yourself. Because by making these types of statements, you are.


A good example of someone who is ignorant:



People talking about imaginary shit are crazy people or doing it to make you THINK  a certain way, perhaps to get you to REACT.  People talking about real shit, with a lot of witnesses, aren't a fraction as crazy as ignorant people applying every situation to their limited knowledge or per their way of thinking.  I say get your heads out of your asses.....If you don't chances are one day the Real World will tear you apart.

from the ZUCK:

Todd West My answer to MacPherson stands on it's own. ANY OF YOU who have a problem believing in the use of electromagnetic weaponry need to go talk to the people who worked for your government who have been blasted by the fucking things....REMEMBER CHINA AND CUBA? NO? The shit was all over the news, they had Congressional hearings for Pete's sake and your government has a task force at work covering it up....All of this is public knowledge....get a clue. Don't stay ignorant by choice like Doc MacPherson, or make up some cockamamee BS to try and negate your ignorance.....Scientists my ass.....https://youtu.be/aPRYRW_Q-Xs

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