Wireless Adapters Reinstalls

Like magic!  They reinstall, turn themselves back on after I disable them & unistall the drivers, no reboots OR a reboot (which turns them all back on) stops them from magically reinstalling themselves and becoming active again per time logs around 20  later, UNLESS I mount another drive then they all come back on and start a hummin'!  

Also included in this set (see part 2 next post for part 2 of first set), device manager display of storage volumes mounted internally & virtually, some more mankind magic!  All pass word protected, both on machine & remotely.....

What does all this bullshit prove?....ain't gotta be on the inter net fer yer machine to jabber...cause I wasn't, see pics, and no wired connected, WFI disabled as was BT, as you can see they magically comeback on, meaning either out of the box, fresh system installs, nor even online your great computers are compromised....

Proves you can disable and uninstall drivers, reboot if required, or not, and they'll git back to work.....

Meaning, your machines are shit, and so are those using such holes to come on n and looksee!

list of network adapters from clean machine, a bit many miniports but normal

Another view of the installed network adapters along with the two adapters given the Ethernet Adapter and Bluetooth which I had already disabled.

Information on the SSTP Adapter which I have often observed and recorded being used in remote access server situations.  I always or generally disable and uninstall server software unless I use it.  Just another easy access hack.... https://www.petri.com/remote-network-access-deploy-sstp-server

Remote Tunnel being set up via SSTP.  Here you see the requesting authority and instance path.

3 minutes till Bluetooth Device back active after deletion, no restart

Event Info

Communications Event Info

PPTP setup June 28th

Microsoft Kernel Debugger active offline

Unauthorized device using masking accessing machine via WAN Miniport

Device enabling events

Plug N Play Re-enabling

PNP Network Adapter now enabled, again

LT2P tunnel re-enabled

Part 2 - http://rockfest.blogspot.com/2018/06/part-2-driver-self-installs-part-2-of.html

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