Mike Pompeo as former director of CIA, should know EXACTLY what types of weapons have been used on Americans in Cuba & China, EXACTLY. Yet as a bureaucrat, there is a very, very slight possibility he has no clue, yet I seriously doubt it. In fact, I can't even harbor the idea this man, and many others who have been down the paths he has gone, do not know WTF is REALLY going on.

Be very interesting to see how the US handles this. Gonna be really hard to impossible to act ignorant. Probably time for them to come clean, which literally means all HELL is going to break lose. So they're not going to go there, they are going to LIE LIKE HELL to you....

Don't be a fool and believe them.

Like many things, they will lead you people on, knowing good damn & well the US uses this shit on people, it's VERY OWN people, and has for quite some time.

Next time you laugh at someone who says "microwaves" have been used as a weapon, you'd best think about your brethren in Cuba and China. ALL countries and individuals alike can create these weapons, they are not cutting edge, nor hard to create.

They are awful weapons, and will damage you severely, not only your brain and hearing like those in Cuba and China are reporting, but destroy your over all health in time.....

I damned well know, without ANY MOTHERFUCKING DOUBT!

Folks in the US, this is a very, very, very loud wake up call. You'd best hold your masters to task. Seriously.

I've contacted this "task force" watch closely how they react.....will tell you A LOT.