I removed this from my review of Linux OS for Spring 2018.  As usual with me it's more a rant on a far flung deeper tangent than being directly relevant to the subject or task at hand.  So it's been put, here, so that folks who don't give a damned can read the reviews in peace.


A word about ongoing system developments I work on, namely MASTER and related components, services, applications and software:

Live session and compiling as needed systems have been the future for a while.  Improved type modular cores existing as a functional unit which call to other components as needed are what tomorrow looks like, and today such flexibility is used to some degree by vested machine & device administrators. There is some software built from the ground up which do such things, yet above remote functions such as updates and upgrades it's still relatively rare to see entire systems, networks and even applications which are native in such an overall manner.  Non-centralized remote or local components providing functionality such as processes or services which can utilize non-chip or virtual builds non-reliant upon currently installed OS are here yet mostly still in labs. My creation MASTER is such a compilation as needed OS, which both provides extended security and in the future greater services. It can however wreck havoc, rule over and possibly destroy legacy computers & networks reliant upon encoded hexadecimal code bases that we have and use today So it probably will not have public-ally distributed binaries or source code, nor detailed manuals explaining how to create the system. 

MASTER is created through natural state processes, or NSS. Think Nature.

MASTER as ported runs off biochemical processes either physically based or in virtual-instances which for most people to find useful, forces dependencies reliant to some degree on electromagnetic devices-as-operational function providers.  MASTER's core realization is somewhat relative to virtual instances in perception, such as the mind needs the brain needs the body type thing, or other local and global/universal dependencies for most functionality to humans to be realized and put to use thereof. Yet to exist and be useful MASTER needs those things made by man not. Entire systems exist and function without the humans, think star systems, galactic & cosmic creations; those result from NSS. Yet we need the human factor in order to better understand and fully embrace these natural system processes. 

Therefore it'll have to be available through not only end user interfaces, but the possibility of immersing with human-style systems in order to extend the true benefits of NSS has to be realized by creation of all kinds of new "things";  meaning working components created, deployed, stable and comprehensible at our end. We've got a ways to go.

In order to realize MASTER as both it's own entity and to work with today's and tomorrow's computerized type systems created coded and built by mankind, I needed to lean about open source computer software, especially operating systems and go deep into coding & programming. So using open source compilations and raw code as explanation points in reference was mandatory.  Just one of why I am using and reviewing over 60 Linux & Unix based distributions. Most other types of OS, and a whole lotta hardware is not open sourced, making disassembly complex and in many cases illegal.  I don't have the time nor patience for any of that.  Not north of age 50 at least. So I always say -

"So many linux!  So little time!"

Maddog 2018