DIY & Lab Grade Infrasonic Monitors

Want to monitor infrasonic @ home? Here is one DIY product which seems to work. - http://www.infiltec.com/Infrasound@home/ Tired of THE HUM making your life hell? (http://www.thehum.info), start with the cheaper monitoring equipment and work your way up to that big daddy Techtronix spectrum analyzer. Start bookin' readin's cause microwave resonance is NO JOKE! It'll fuck your little world up!


when ur ready to upgrade to Maddog level, this is a nice little unit.....https://www.linktronix.ch/.../1404218159_53b2ab2fc3cd6.pdf - I prefer a modified RSA5126B w/ multi-membrane single sampling antenna designed in-house which can be used to track the directional flow of energies. using a simple adjustable microwave matrix broadcasting device (running Angelspeak Soul Assembler software BY GOD) allows you to interact w/ harmonics & main signals of induced energies in your environment. It's called a trackback device when used w/ the sampling antenna & software to find the fox. You can follow the ghosts back to their haunts....you will then understand things you'd probably have rather not known about, if you're a sheep......