Review: Pussycat_and_the_Dirty_Johnsons_-_Aint_No_Pussy

Rough, simple & bomabastic punk rock, scattered, chunked & covered. Sneering attitudes with "soft verges and hard urges" (Midnight Motorway) alongside declarative inspirations such as "One Of The Boys" (s/t) come in bombing run style with lead ups, explosions and then shell shock before it starts all over again. Some proofs at a spot here and there (Ain't No Pussy) make sure it is understood status quo will not be honored. Quite tribal at points (Userpetine) it's probably the looseness that draws you in. As good pussy is known to do. It ain't actin' though, it's bread n butter rock n roll, with a bit 'o extra butter to slide 'er right in. Aside from the sexist cliches, good loud n raw does tend to do well in your face on stage. Then too, much of it could be just getting away with it. The Dirty Johnsons do a lot of that, getting away with it, but like that other cliche does say, they ain't no pussy. Turn it up louder, give 'em hell!

Contact:  https://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/pussycat