Review: White Light Cemetery - Careful What You Wish For

Love this band.  They're smooth, mysterious, slightly dark n twisted, groove laden & masters of heavy riffing. What they lack in creativity, they make up in tenacity. This hard rock via the Sabbath vein, with a heavy dose of Zeppelin, though somehow the band have managed to skip the cliches everyone loves to point out and just go for it. A time or two in history, no matter the level of heavy or mimicry, this approach has worked out really well (anyone remember that first Kingdom Come album?).  I hear some Bad Company in there at times as well; someone has a deep record collection.  None of this a bad thing, as I said, when it is done right.  Careful What You Wish For seems to fit this narrative. In these days it's good to hear heavy blues, since long ago many of those old school bringers became something else entirely (Whitesnake anyone?).  WLC will always have an awaiting audience, hopefully they continue to put out the good stuff, and those ranks will swell. In some ways it's been a long time coming, or perhaps it is a generational thing. That these cats hail from Louisiana cannot be understated.  That place seems to have a thing for the voodoo, and this band does too. Their last tour early in the year was a good one, right now they are quiet, preparing a new assault.  May you be blessed when it hits 'cha!  Contact: https://twitter.com/Official_WLC