REVIEW: Manifesting Obscenity - Doppelganger

Finest of Grindcore with enough cast in metal undertones to gain some street cred. The wheeze of the swine master evolves with the blast beat into a sucking sound of bliss. From wrenching time signatures into parades of reduction, to one-off bass runs the clackety clack of the machine gun spells doom. The title cut is almost a relief, living up to it's name of virtuous illusion if not at times horrid excursion. As the album begins with what sounds somewhat like the sound of flies feasting on corpses on Desert Of Suffering, you are suddenly spun into the oblivion of A Reflection Of The Generality. Showcasing not only the pitiful state of your planet's reality yet too being a progressive view of a crumbling masterpiece on the edge of the void. Guitars burp along, then begin the start-stop march as the light fades to dark. It is fitting for a band called Manifesting Obscenity.

Frantic fight for coming to life ensues on Disappointment Of The Burieds, showing that the dead do indeed rise in the last days of this needless existence, before the remains of the past overtake the arrogant state of mankind, dealing justice for the mess it has made of this place. Usually you don't get lyric sheets w/ Grindcore, but you really don't need it, the good stuff transcends the need to know.  What is that?  Lead guitar on Fierce Bloodshed?  The HELL you say!! Me like geetaras. I LIKE IT WHEN THEY GRIND,  LOVE IT WHEN THEY JAM! Pure core on Intestinal Division; it is if someone is playing the fuck outta something, as the yawning pit opens to take you under. The song ends with that big sound of the fate of finality, giving death it's eternal soul. This sets up an almost Irreversible Feeling, that soon the nightmare could be over, you awake to a new sunrise, the world lives again. Yet is all, as the final song before the title cut says, just an Abruption, before the true end. You cannot escape your fate. 9 outta 10.

Contact:Inherited Suffering Records: https://inheritedsufferingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/manifesting-obscenity-doppelganger

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