Your freedom is an illusion

in response to:
US Spokesperson - "Deliberate use of such weaponry is inhumane."
US Subject - "They're using infrasonic weapons on me!"
US Citizenry to Subject - "Put on yer tin foil hat it'll amplify them signals you stupid crazy conspiracy theorist! USA! USA! USA!"
US Government - "Shew, thank God most of our people are ignorant and stupid. If they actually knew, it could be bad....."

Then along comes Cuba, and suddenly......

You begin to reap what you sow.....

Reality of the situation, perhaps your ass will be next -
Smart meters? Haha, yah....right......

Should pay more attention while you still can......the only fantasies here are in your minds. Put 2 and 2 together, you *might* figure it out....but I doubt it, too many of you are too in love with the master of those doing such madness, to realize you're bat shit crazy as well for allowing it. Kinda like a lotta other things most all of you seemingly ignore....

Your freedom is an illusion.