Final Equinox practice October 1st 1989

This is the last time Phibro and I played together as Equinox, October 1st 1989. We were auditioning bass players and recorded all the jams. The guy never showed up this night but Philbro and I worked on the music from a couple of new songs we had written the past month. Philbro told me at the end of this jam session that since we couldn't get a full time bass player he was going to play in No Control full time.

I generally don't post stuff like this but you can hear the mastery of Philbro's playing captured on a couple open room mics. You can feel his sense of time (it was immaculate) and his creativity since these were songs we'd only jammed on maybe 5 or 6 times total. The song in the middle is just a jam, we wrote new songs like that all the time.

I really miss Philbro. Yes you can hear here somewhat what a beast of a drummer he truly was, but moreso I miss my friend, and finding this tape the other night in the boxes and boxes of tapes I have from over 35 years jamming, kinda took me back, made me smile. Even though this was the very end of the band, literally.