Review: Playboy Manbaby

Not at all what you'll first think upon hearing the name.  Which is either one of the worst band names in rock n roll or one of the more brilliant.  The first jewel of theirs I got to tangle with was the single You Can Be A Facist Too b/w I'd like to meet your parents. First off singles which aren't on the latest albums is an ancient record label "trick" so that the singles sells more and the album can rest as it's own product not reliant purely upon the single. Today, it may or may not be even relative as to why, then again, today, who cares?

Plenty of humor in the spiel of Playboy Manbaby, and I guess really it has to be that way.  The single over all could be the bastard son of the Cure, PIL and maybe some gutter punk wretch from the streets.  Definitely not what you think by the pictures and name.  I'd say that's a good thing.  Pretty much the album is the same thing, except maybe rougher at spots, if that is possible.  I hear horns in there too, maybe there were on the single, just drowned out.  Anyways, they do better without their blaring, mostly. Last One Standing perhaps there they sound the ticket.

That's the thing about Playboy Manbaby, "mostly" they're an acquired taste preferable to shit, or eatin' roses.  But like w/ the Fascist single and a spot or two on the album, they hit it right, and it's like a discharge after a full night of drinking, almost a relief!  Honestly, Don't Let It Be as an album is probably great drinking music, the more you drink the better it'll sound, guaranteed!

To be included in The Underground Sound Issue 62