REVIEW: Cory Branan - Adios

Cory Branan - Adios

Strong features with a weather front blowing in cool and scripted from somewhere in Americana. There's horns, even Hornsby flavored keys, strumming and an almost Leon Russell thing every so often. Maybe a nod to Springsteen more so though, like you're riding into town on memories and regrets. This is highly apparent on numbers like Blacksburg, which is playbook history all the way.  I get off more on up steppers like the album opening I Only Know, or the traditional rave ups like Yeah, So What. Lots folks like nostalgia though, so the inward looking stuff cannot always be overlooked or hidden in the powerchords. It really are the songs which carry Branan along, which is no more apparent than on The Vow.  Something almost everyone can relate to, even if you've never known it as part of your life.

That's where good songwriters can get you.  While not everyone can produce the most original material, a large quantity of cool to killer songs builds a catalog up nicely. Cory Branan has this quality on his 4th album, and manages to advance his craft a bit by branching out on the more esoteric, bluesy Walls, MS. It's like the Dead man! Proof too you must be from or been a while in that great land of Mississippi to lock up this kinda funky groove. Why you think Elvis came from the state named for a river? Branan goes a bit Petty on Another Nightmare in America, still
it's ok , fitting into the real world today as it does. Cory decides to finish the album out on lighter fare, which may seem a cool down, but you've got Visiting Hours in there, which might make ya wanna dance, so it's not all downshifting coming down the mountain. Just check out the scenery, enjoy the ride.

Singles:  https://soundcloud.com/bshq/sets/cory-branan-adios-album