REVIEW : Logan


No use going over the plot here, just know the glories of the past for the X-men have long passed and the ones left from the glory days are old, addled on drink and drug, sad and repentant if those daring doos of yesteryear are called upon from memory. Wolverine, Logan as we all know, would rather not even talk about it. nor get into the game again.  Ultimately, he has no choice.  He's no the same mutant he was years ago, he's aged well but slowly is losing what's left.  The world is a fucked up, low class beat up place.  This movie very much mirrors all our lives, and the state of the union.

The darkness in this movie is as thicker or moreso than any of the Xmen flicks or the two previous movies which focused mainly on Wolverine.  This series could have already ended, with this movie it gets another opportunity to bow out gracefully.  Like the past half dozen of titles in this series, it's a hit and miss, yet runs out of steam and stutters at points throughout.  It's not much better than the past movies, nor is it much worse.  Like most Hollywood fair now, it's repeats of repeats with different faces sometimes, different names sometimes, but names more than faces supposedly tying you into the series past.  In other words, it too, the franchise is getting old and thin.  Again, a mirror of reality.

Lucky for us all the movie doesn't go docile too often early on with the storyline remaining fairly easy to follow if a bit vague about all the how and when. As in all the Xmen movies young people are a central focus, so the dichotomy between the young girl who is the major focus of the pursuit here and all the old people and old systems breaking down, fit together nicely. All this back n forth happens pretty quickly so by the half way mark of the film the audience should be relaxed and deeply immersed into the story.  Maybe.  After the Mad Max style chase scenes and the high impact fight sequences the movie becomes tiring about the same mid-point. Injections of stilted humor and a meandering plot line expansion meant to indulge you seems to foster boredom mostly.  By the time he action returns 3/4ths of the way in and the movie seems to be going somewhere, it suffers a letdown climax and a drawn out ending.  It's all just a bit too long in the tooth.

Score 6 out of 10

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