Universal Income and the National Pension Program

Elon Musk thinks universal income is answer to automation taking human jobs - http://mashable.com/2016/11/05/elon-musk-universal-basic-income


This can be achieved through a national pension program where the taxes and fees already collected on natural resources which goes straight into the G's pockets is rerouted and divided between all citizens of the nation....it's something like 2 billion $$ per day collected in the US on things like petroleum taxes, land usage permits, spectrum licenses and usage fees (everyone one of you who pays for telephony services pays this), taxes on water usage, timber taxes...none of that stuff the government owns but they regulate and collect money you are not allowed to have nor use, and the natural state is everyone's, not just the government's. The National Pension Program I wrote for the World Council does exactly this. Everyone gets money from things of the natural state only the government is allowed to get money from now. For the average person in the US this is close to $18,000 per year which can be put into a fund for each citizen and can be applied in various ways. Simply spending it will produce a perpetual economic engine. The government does not want you to be independent, it wants you to report to it, obey it, and pay it, so that it may control you easier. Not sure about Elon's plan, but he's a smart man.....

The World Council - http://rockfest.altervista.org/council