SILENT AUDIT Discussions & Reviews

Silent, or Secret Audits are overseer involved investigations unknown to those being investigated involving a varied number of things. The difference between a Silent Audit and a regular investigation involves the way in which the investigation was launched, the scope of the secret investigation, the deniability of those partaking in such investigations and the non-disclosure policies and methods used to hide the ongoing audit.

Currently the World Council is using an ongoing Silent Audit in determination of judgement in a number of countries.  The Court Of Angelic Order is set to rule on the potential harmful and violent nature of outcomes from such audits which use forced compliance in which to extend the hand of dominance over Free Persons beholden to Silent and Secret Audits.

World Council Discussions and Court Of Order reviews will be ongoing from November 2016 through January 2017 when amendments to the Dossier Act relative to Silent and Secret Audits will be voted on by World Council Members.  The Dossier Act is part of The Way.

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