How Microwaves Destroyed My Life

6/13/12, 9:19 AM
Pacific Daylight Time
A few years ago I noticed something similar to infrasonic phenomenon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrasonic) at property where I live. You "feel" infrasonic frequency, not actually hear it (though infrasonic waves do act upon auditory sensing parts of the human body such as the ears and brain, the body mostly senses them as a type of pressure, or presence).  A very basic description of an infrasonic phenomenon can be found in the US Patent - http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=3612211.PN.&OS=PN%2F3612211&RS=PN%2F3612211

As Spock would say, fascinating, at a very basic level.

I've worked in the sound recording field since age 12.  I love the separation/combination of frequency and other spectral  qualities in music; I hear it in dimensional layers relating to the qualities of the sound.  I've used spectrum analyzers before and know a small amount about sound and radio wave physics; study wise I know these things as a layman.  

It was probably mid 2009 sometime, very rarely, I'd notice an infrasonic phenomenon, generally when it was real quiet.  We live in a world bombarded by all kinds of frequency generation that can do this at some levels.  At certain levels, specific processes produce a more narrow spectrum of waves.  I recognized these as radio phenomena, and I thought they were interesting.  To start with it happened enough that I decided to study up and see what was causing it.

Now, I can't remember when, it might have been spring 2009 when I got some kind of letter from Georgia Power saying something about changin' the meter.  Well I'd noticed that had already been done before I got the letter, maybe a few weeks earlier I'd noticed the meter had been changed because a new tag and been put on, brighter color, the old tag had been sun bleached. I looked then at the meter, new, update I figured.  I thought nothing of it.  I got the letter, went back and checked, looked like the same new meter that was there a week or so before, so I forgot about it.  Didn't think anything of it.

The infrasonics started not long after.  I went through everything, checking my gear, unplugging it, turning off any routers or wireless because wi-fi has been known to produce aberrations, making sure everything was grounded cause sometimes it was like a bad ground sound.  Checking the fuse-box in the house, the line coming in to it for good connections and wiring, making sure something dangerous wasn't shortin' out, talkin' some with some electrician friend buddies.  All kinds of theories, checked them all.

It was sporadic though, except I did notice the same phenomenon in all the buildings on the property.  So I figured it was some kind of power line voltage problem.  By the end of 2009, I started to notice the hum was stronger, and it had sound coloration which made me think it was not some kind of short.  Again we checked all the building wiring. GA Power crews were out here working on some kind of line switches, so I told them about it, they checked transformers and lines, came up with nothing.

I began to experience a strange "gurgling sound" during hours at night while trying to fall asleep. It was faint yet invasive; it was weird because outside you could not "hear" it, again it was only inside the buildings.  It too was infrasonic, I recognized I felt this phenomenon more than I heard it; in fact I didn't hear it or could record it at all using my audio recording equipment, regular microphones could not pick it up.  I could though, as though it was all throughout my whole body.

During the summer of 2010, I lost two mixing boards and a recording machine to strong voltage surges.  My dog Spike began whimpering and running through the house as if in pain, he also began to vomit on a regular basis and I too felt very sick. The infrasonic now took on the qualities of a diesel truck accelerating off in the distance, yet this phantom truck never passed on down the road.  This would happen 4-5 times a week now. It caused severe insomnia.

Watch my Smart Meter Witnesses on Youtube; there are many people who'll describe what they are hearing/feeling, you don't have to take my word for it......http://www.youtube.com/user/twrocksu

If I awoke from sleep while this sound was being noticed I could not go back to sleep. Sometimes when I would awaken it was like my whole body was vibrating.  I began to notice the buzzing effect even when I was awake and it seemed to get stronger with time;  I began to have some eye focusing problems which produced vertigo.  Around the end of summer the effects were so strong friends and family began to notice the "noise" inside my residence. By this time I also began to have feelings of pressure upon my eyes and ears; sometimes it was like heat upon my eyes and temples, my eyes would water badly and sometimes my whole body felt as if I had a fever. 

By late 2010, the auditory effects now seemed to resemble machines running at a distance, like a compressor.  It had a sick sound, not like musical subsonics, more like dark murmuring or a beast growling, like something deadly that would kill you.  It was killing me, slowly, but effectively it seemed. 

I have been around shortwave ham radio sets before and that experience is the only reference I could think of feeling wise that was similar, when you are very close to very powerful radio sets, or perhaps standing in a power substation, when there is very high voltage. It was so bad now and causing me such harm I called Georgia Power and told them there was some kind of high voltage or radio equipment problems out here.  They checked the lines and transformers, nothing.

During December 2010 we had a very heavy snow here in North Georgia. While outside I could actually, for the first time, hear what I had heard in the buildings, it seemed to be amplified.  Some neighbors up above me were also outside and I heard them say "what the hell is that sound?" It seemed to be very powerful.  A while later I complained to Georgia Power again.  A service tech came out, again, checked my meter's connection this time (but did not use RF gear, just a simple voltage meter) and this time stood in the house.  At that time it was sometimes hard to notice the effect during the day because of the traffic. We both just shook our heads.  Again I remarked it was like standing near high voltage or a pumped up radio transmitter.

The third visit by Georgia Power employees was by 2 engineers. Since I had said that it seemed to be some kind of high voltage hum they again checked their transformers and delivery lines.  I told them, "it's like a huge radio transmitter pumping".  They did not check their meters using equipment.  I told them it was far worse in the dead of night, so I got a number of someone to call when it did it.  I called within a few nights since by this time it did it all most all the time.  They never came out during the night to check.  I became very frustrated with Georgia Power; by this time I had also contacted Bellsouth and the local water/gas utility to check their services.  Everyone came away with nothing, except perhaps thinking I was insane.

In May of 2011 the problem stopped for a few short months.  Not sure what happened in or around May 2011, but by summer's end it was back again, with a vengeance.

By early 2012 I had severe short term memory problems, and at times my bones seem to be breaking, as well as the worse fatigue, headaches and anxiety type symptoms I've ever had in my life. The roaring infrasonics were now every night, all night long. For over a year I had been limited to 3-4 hours of restless sleep, now it was about half that.  This produced severe depression, since I am too tired to do much of anything and am basically disabled. Sometimes it seemed I tasted metal in my mouth. I felt extreme agitation and was so nervous, like under constant, massive stress.

GA Power made one last visit and disconnected the entire corner.  It was the middle of the day and I told the lineman I could not tell if it had stopped it because of the road and ambient noise, though it seemed to have.  I told him, again, it was more like a radio signal than a bad ground or line problem.  He reconnected the service at the pole and the phenomenon was again strong that night.

There were times I would stay away from the property for extended hours and it would seem to help some what, as did the few days when I could muster the strength to work outside in my gardens all day.  By March 2012 my dog was completely lethargic, laying around all day, whining.  I could not do much physical work and felt like my whole body was being drained of life. At times it was as if I were trying to enter a catatonic state.

 (At this point in the blog before going any further, you must realize the following info about wireless electrical meters WAS AND IS NOT THE CAUSE of these infrasonic attacks.  Yet at the time in 2012, I was investigating any and all leads.   Knowing what I was experiencing could be (and IS) related to radio, having been led, I believe, to radio specific equipment, the following portion seem(s) plausible even though I'd always had serious doubts.  What I know now as to what has been causing these problems, is way more sinister than malfunctioning electrical meters)

In early May 2012 while describing the problem to a local resident, he asked me if I had a smart meter.  I did not know really what a smart meter was/is;  but I looked and I have a Sensus Icon, which seemingly has been proven to have faulty design and components (see the pdf link on my Recovery Act Fraud & Treason page -  http://undergroundrecords.org/treason.html).  It was then I knew there was some kind of effort to hide something terrible.  Two years of complaining about RF and the company which has RF equipment on my property never checks it?

I then looked up information about Smart Meters, and became very angry.  What was happening to me was murder.

So I called Georgia Power and told them to immediately remove these devices off my property.  There are 3 in close vicinity to where I sleep, and the infrasonic problem is far worse near them than the one individual one at the other end of the property, though the sick sound exists there too. I was told by the Georgia Power Customer Service person she could not authorize the meter to be changed.  She laughed and asked what my symptoms were.  She laughed again when I told her and said she'd have someone contact me.

I had had enough, I was sick, this was some kind of cruel joke to the power company.  So I filed a PSC complaint. I also told Sensus to get their radiation spewing death machines off my property.

Within 48 hours GA Power Meter Specialist Ben Hancock had called me to set up an RF Investigation.  I was not pleasant to Mr. Hancock on the phone. Especially when I asked him if they'd had any complaints about these meters and he said "no, none at all" (he later said he thought I meant "hearing the RF" still, looking at the evidence online I find it impossible to believe with millions of people getting these things from the Southern Company, no one has complained to GA Power for "whatever" reasons concerning these proven defective devices???).  Another poor attempt at humor by the power company. The investigation / demonstration was done June 7th, at which time I was told Sensus contacting Georgia Power had brought this problem to their attention, not the PSC complaint nor my call to GA Power Customer Service!!!  Amazingly, two days before their demonstration, the problem dissipated a great deal; within 2 days afterwards, it was again, back with a vengeance. Coincidence?  Highly doubtful.  

(end 2012 posting)

*** 2+ years later, in late 2014, after I'd moved, had the smart meter at the new location removed (for a nice $20 a month FEE), and the problems intensified somewhat, if you can believe that, I had to look into deeper causes. What we're dealing with is a bit larger than low wattage meters, but definitely electro-magnetic.  For more on the continuing investigation into this sonic torture terror see the last Sounds - http://undergroundrecords.org/sound


Where we are at now with this.  You will need to understand these terms:   

Interactive IMSI Catchers.
Cellular Radar. 
Linear Amplifiers.
Microwave Antennas & Transceivers.

If you'd like to go deep down the rabbit hole, you can also get into:

Gangstalking, Targeted Individual, Directed Energy, Assault With A Deady Weapon, Aggravated Assault (important terms here for Jawja) and ESPECIALLY Sociopath

Police State?  1984.  You are WAAAAAYYYY beyond that now @ this stage.

Come to find out, what has been going on, at least since 2001 in the United States, has been brought to you by your Patriot Act. At least, and mostly, where citizen assets (as we are commonly called by our Massas) are concerned here heading towards the third decade of the new millennium. The added powers through the PA allows what used to be 100% illegal inside the US, is now 100% legal, under guise.

Go Deeper into a real Wabbit Hole here.....as follows.

Remember CUBA in 16/17?  Someone was using same things.  I can't swear to that, but I betcha. While there are numerous ways to wield electromagnetic weapons, what was done to American Diplomats and Embassy Staff in China and Cuba might be a theme on a variation, yet witness statements from those affected sure do sound at key points EXACTLY the same.

Sounds like at least a few hostile nations are all in on this "tech". My own too it seems, because I wasn't in Cuba nor China for my special treatments.

In the Underground we even have a special name for this wicked technology.  The EYE (everyone, you, everywhere) as in all seeing eye.  Not that it's as quiet and in visible as the monsters which wield it want it to be. It feeds on and causes a very painful infrasonic humming. This is part of it's character as a weapon.  

Your Masters have provided space and funding for the platform off which to operate The Eye. Humming?  Ain't no one 'round here hearin' no hummin'! Read some of that 'bout TI's & Gangstalkin'? Yeah, he's just crazy, hearin' shit.


The spectrum over-saturation which causes Microwave Resonance allows The Eye great surveillance abilities.  Proven, and in use all over today.  There is another name for it which is much older than calling it The Eye.  We call that, The Beast.

Proud of yourself America?

Watch what happens, you too will figure it out.......