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Donnie J not fundin' as much mayhem in the skies? Perhaps, but I can't make that call nor would I bet on it....now it's just breakin' & enterin' yer house & poisoning your dog shit wide open like our entire skies full of manufactured "clouds" which is still amazing people think an entire sky full of synthetic "clouds" is anything but completely fucked up......settin' folks up n shit I guess is nothing when you can do crazy ass shit wide open in front of people and they don't react as to WTF........do love the half assed normal clouds recently....I guess with Pompeii's show on the electromagnetic weapons and all this domestic spying and espionage going on, they figured the sheep, might** *....might, start a wonderin'....they cant have that
NW Georgia skies full of absolute SHIT this morning. So "contrails" do this to your entire sky and you're cool with it? Think it's natural and normal? You're an idiot.......and believe me, your government loves you for doing and saying NOTHING about it.
Todd West
Todd West stealin the 'ol Man's service plaque cause he told the truth to his 14 year old son on this shit though goes to prove the truth of the matter is sensitive to the man, and his plan....sorry as cat shit.....http://rockfest.blogspot.com/search...Manage
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