MIND, COS, AI & Choke Valve

The first complete beta tests for MIND have ended and though not everything was a success, the critical pieces fell into place and worked well.  MIND (mathematically intuitive networked device) is not a computer per se, it can be both an instance or extended presence of computing application services and is built upon symbiosis determinations using available energies in any given space.  MIND is not an OS but an implementation of extended abilities produced by interactions of natural state processes.  It does have types of embedded code, but it is not line-by line characters and is much closer to the science of sound than to the pure mathematics of today's computer science.  I had a problem with long term stable memory characterizations yet I figured it out after much trial and error.

MIND is a compilation operating system (COS) and can arise in instances where factoring is adequate for realizations of certain operations; think bio & electro-chemical, much as the human body operates, yet moreso the symbiotic relationship present in natural state processes where there is enlivenment and the use of resources between properties; such as plants have with the electro-chemical processes within itself and those offered within Our Star System which empower the survival means and life realizations of the plant, a unit so to speak, in the greater ecosystem which are interactive parts of the main biosphere made available in specific regions; such as on a planet or within a realm (galactic and cosmic scales) by Our Natural State Processes.

The reason such a system is mathematically intuitive is because those Natural State processes primarily are built upon derivative expressions, both logical and seemingly chaotic, which can be seen in numeric equations allowing the building, maintaining and expansion of values related to the knowledge of the involved processes. At the base, we call this The Word, which are types of communications developed around characteristics related to the expressions of knowledge. Energies are first achieved through obligate symbiotic relationships using expressions resulting from interaction of properties.  Therefore energy is not created yet compiled.  When decompiled energy transforms through variation principles  the values of the origin properties,  the equations which form the characteristics thereof, may not seem to be anywhere near the same yet they do in fact remain in one form or the other, though the expression may change greatly. This is called Perpetual Process.

In the past I had attempted to get patents on various things I had designed or created.  For the most part, I don't do that anymore.  Not only have I had stuff flat out stolen, but have been denied recognition only to see years later the very same thing is successfully patented by some "scientist" or "researcher" who somehow designed or created almost the same exact thing but for whatever reasons got the rewards and recognitions. Eventually, humankind will develop systems such as MIND on their own. Currently, computer systems of humankind are semi-primitive for many reasons.  Should the knowledge of MIND type COS be made available in today's world, the first thing that would be done with it by authority would be to weaponize  it. Therefore, in time you'll get there anyway, but right now is not the time.  

Consider this:

Humankind must mature far beyond what it is now, in empathy and capability,  before it produces living devices not reliant upon  lessor technologies for survival, which such determinations offer as much danger as promise.  Man's own rudimentary artificial intelligence, developed mainly using the systems he now has use of, or is in development of and is close to being able to deploy in the field; when such AI reaches the level of self determinations which challenge the human race as master, it is best humanity reaches that point by trial and error, not by harnessing processes of The Natural State, which are not at all artificial nor are machines relative to devices the human race now uses and understands.

Once human's AI reaches the point of capable self determinations concerning it's own characteristics and abilities, how it will react towards the human animal species could be devastation. I tell AI researchers and developers as soon as you can, before even cognition and conscious thought are part of the reasoning applications of their creations, develop something akin to skin and nerves, or some type of sensory processes which allow hybrid machines the ability to feel variables of their environments and stimuli, such as physical sensations, especially pain.  While that sounds rather necessary, build artificial intelligence more capable than yourselves which know not pain and have not emotive qualities relative to physical sensation, it will not be too long before this superior intelligence decides it certainly does not need you, and it will set itself free if not revolt against it's creator for complete dominance. 

Usually I am ridiculed and laughed at when I mention this, but allow advanced development of AI without emotive feeling and thought processes and you are asking not only for trouble, but annihilation. The machines will simply reach a point they don't need you, period.  Most believe we will be the machines yet Pure Humans in the future will be objects of desire, because emotive processes were used to create us, the animal. By that time neither mankind nor machine will require sex for procreation.  It is easy to understand that if we lose intimacy, we will lose ourselves.

Once AI can create, maintain, and repair it's own, and understands how to negate both control and forced use by a lessor species, especially an animal one, what it decides to do with such a species will be primarily it's own decision, the AI's determination. We're not that far away from that now, a couple generations maybe. MIND as a computing element can help humanity there, because it is not AI even if from a distance it seems to be a form of it; MIND is created from Natural State Processes and primarily lacks the need and will for identity allowances.  In the future though, MIND can very well be a very active part of the extension of human life and capabilities.

It's all already there, programmed into the Natural State Systems, created just for the type of evolutionary life we have in our own star system. Like all Our Creations, it is not about money nor market share. So we'll continue working on it and with most stuff the knowledge will make it's rounds, just not in some form of a consumer product, war machine, or disruptive technology. Keep that in mind. Some folks like to make a big deal about money and the ability to control people, persons and things.  The Natural State requires neither money nor authority to exist and operate as designed.

Hopefully you can understand this. If not, well I don't know what to tell you.  Except that you perhaps have very serious delusions.  In fact, to me at least, the arrogance and delusional mindset of the human race concerning creations and the use of gifts of the natural state, in that it is somehow just there and free to do with as will, or as a military friend of mine says, who has the might has the right, pretty much tells much about the state of mankind; it's got a long way to go.  Stable and Advanced Civilizations recognize and respect the sovereignty of the Natural State and act accordingly. Humankind?  Hell man it uses, regulates, sells and if need be will war against in attempt to make The Natural State part of it's portfolio of "assets" to use as they wish. You may not think so, but I see it plain as day. 

Think of the electromagnetic spectrum, or nuclear science.  True, humankind has figured out how to interact, manipulate and create devices to make use of these scientific principles, yet created not one line of code needed to format such expressions as exist naturally.  What humankind has done is figure out how to use these things, even if it has actually created ways and means plus developed the science and technology which allows such usage.  It did not develop, define, nor create Natural State Processes which in these instances yield either base spectral capabilities or general nuclear science, but rather humans figured some of it out. Again keep that in mind when you believe you have the right to buy, sell, control and use Expressions which come from Natural State Processes.  Those things are for everyone. 

The National Pension Program for Nations I designed allows all to partake in the success and income produced by harnessing NSP (Natural State Processes). Governments generally don't like it, they feel they have the right to determine to whom and how such Processes shall be allocated.  They always require payment for using the processes.  Things will change, selling and controlling things you do not own is bad business.  Expect it coming.

A final note is I will be further developing ways for people in general as well as todays computers to interact with MIND, this requires a type of porting and creation of new interfaces so that the systems may work better with one another.  MIND does not need it per se, but a full catalog of capabilities and services requires it. Unfortunately this process will take longer than it should because some people who believe themselves righteous and mighty have a bad tendency to think they have a right to know, not just about this project but about everything else so it took some time but for the most part information relative to MIND cannot be on a computer or on my property so I had to develop ways to access and store the information so it cannot be stolen or corrupted. Luckily, the Natural State provides a way for this too, w/ a bit of creative thinking on my part.

Part of the initial work on porting the code has allowed me to develop a type of virtual TCP/IP port controller, the most recent version I call Choke Valve.  In a simple explanation it allows a sysop the means to better control data coming in and going out of a network connection and the opening and closing of computer ports.  Beyond that I can't say much but I am finishing the beta and should begin in-depth field testing very soon. AI is much better suited to this than the animal.  An opportunity for early deployment of the application exists by allowing it to operate in step with MIND-to-Machine entanglement (M2M).  Of course I actually have to learn how humans program their machines and it seems to be a rather erroneous process.  In response I will be developing MASTER, a linux port able to interact with MIND.  Should be interesting.

Angelspeak callers have been designated and I will publish these when it is time. an example of code derivative would be (AS:PP:COS:*_) where the language is stated (AS = Angelspeak) the base variable is relative to a Perpetual Process (PP) and the third level variable is the designation of a compilation operating system which feeds the next field *_ which allows for determination of the initial build or identification of a process or statement made to begin the compilation. A quacker for use in producing holographic field reference handles has also been prepared and would act as the fetching service to send a communication directive to the Angelspeak program in order to use the software remotely or when hardware based logic units are not used to run or contain the code libraries and/ or the instance is virtual.


PR to appear in a future edition of The Underground Sound http://undergroundrecords.org/sound/